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Mentoring programs

Stanley Moore Mentoring Program

The Stanley Moore Mentoring Program was crested in partnership with Davenport School and Rock Island School systems in providing professionals from the community in all professional fields, sharing their road to success and collective life experiences about that field of endeavors. We provide in many cases one to one tutoring when required. We work with 7, 8, 9th graders helping them build portfolios that with help later in life as they head on to college. We want them to know that their life circumstances shouldn’t define their destinies’. We want them to see with credibility our communities are making deposits towards their future. When Opportunities Meet Opportunities Success Is Imminent.





NBA (Nothing Before Acdemics)

This program continues to be an on-going partnership with the University of Iowa Diversity Department for over a decade providing an annual trip to the University of Iowa to expose our youth with life experiences told by current students, many from the Quad Cities and expose them to variety of professions they might seek. We also continue to partner with Davenport Schools, Rock Island Schools, St. Ambrose University, Augustana College, Black Hawk College, Western Ill. University and Scott Community College “John Blong Technical Center” to achieve these goals.


Become A Mentor

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Youth and the Law

We have partnered with Davenport Police Department, Scott County Sheriffs, Beyond the Baseline, and Boots on the Ground organizations to address Youth Violence, Gangs and Drug issues. The main issues centers on street crimes, negative versus positive police interactions. We know peer pressures can impacts youth decision-making, relationships and we take a hard look at their attitudes which can control the eventual outcome of events or explored with Q and A interaction. Field Trip is offered to various levels of the juvenile/ jail/ judicial departments with speakers from these departments sharing insight, data and solutions.



City Government Program

We have partnered with City of Davenport and the City of Rock Island to provide opportunities to job-shadow in positions within City Government. Our Youth are exposed to operations of City business and how it impacts their lives and their families’ lives through tours and discusses with Mayors and Alderpersons.



Road to Success Tour Program / Incentives Program

This program was designed to take our students beyond their neighborhoods and celebrate their yearlong achievements. Youth are given Certifications of Participation, as well as highlighting their education achievements. We have partnered with Scenic Stage Tour Lines to help provide college visits to various colleges, offering youth opportunities to meet with College professionals concerning grants, scholarships that for their unique needs. This will be a yearly activity. We also provide Summer Passes distributed by the City of Davenport to engage in summer programs on both sides of the river.




Economic Development /Money Management

The objective of this program is to develop strategies to increase the standard of living of Quad City youth and families,  reduce poverty and reduce the inequalies of wealth, income and social justice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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